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🤖 Start integrating your socials to Discord. The easy way. That's Disping.

It shouldn't take a programming wizard to integrate their socials to a Discord channel. Setup social integrations in under a minute.


Used By 2000+ Servers

Connect YouTube, Twitch, Threads & More

Seamlessly configure social platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Threads to allow post notifications into your Discord server.

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Quick Setup

Easily setup DisPing in under 5 minutes, and do it all in Discord using Discord's newest button/select technology.

Tons of User Slots (32)

Thanks to Disping's advanced chunk system, you can have plenty of users added without sacrificing how fast new posts are sent.

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Tons Of Features

DisPing has a wide range of features at your disposal, including FXTwitter support and the ability to generate Discord events when you go live. Additionally, DisPing offers complete customization of embedded content, allowing you to personalize and tailor its appearance according to your preferences. If you find yourself in need of additional functionalities, please don't hesitate to reach out to Ch1llDev in our official Discord server. DisPing is designed to provide a multitude of features, completely free of charge.

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